ArtiSential: Articulation + Essential

ArtiSential is an ergonomic surgical instrument with a multi-jointed structure,
intuitively providing full range of freedom in movement.

360° Range of Motion

ArtiSential's double-jointed End-Tool allows the user to control the instrument in all directions,
achieving angles that are unreachable with conventional products, such as the 90° position.

The End-Tool moves sync with the user's hand, wrist, and finger movement, thus providing intuitively controlled articulation.
This product's articulating advantage is essential for accessing narrow surgical sites and performing high-quality precision surgery.



  • OPEN


  • UP

  • DOWN


  • LEFT

ArtiSential’s End-Tool have both a vertical and horizontal joint structure that are synchronized with the delicate movements of the user’s hands.
This allows for greater access to narrow surgical sites.
Its multiple degrees of movement allows the users to perform more complex techniques in
a wider variety of surgical procedures than those with rigid or straight instruments.


How to use the lock

Activating the locking mechanism

① Push the lever outward ② until the lever goes down and activates the lock.

Deactivating the locking feature

① Pull the lever inward ② until the lever clicks and deactivates the lock.

When the locking mechanism is activated UP/DOWN, LEFT/RIGHT articulating joint is fixed and cannot move,
But OPEN/CLOSE action of End-Tool is possible.


Features & Advantages

360° Degrees of Freedom,
Full Access to Narrow Spaces.

ArtiSential's double-jointed End-Tool allows 360 degrees of freedom in movement, enabling various angles in approaching the surgical site.
This structure serves to function exactly like the human hand.

Intuitive Control

ArtiSential's End-Tool moves in sync with the user's fingers and wrist, providing intuitive manipulation and easy control to the surgeon.
ArtiSential's highly flexible articulation distinguishes it from conventional straight-stick instruments.

Lock Lever (Optional)

ArtSential has an optional locking feature.
The lockable model comes with a lever that locks and unlocks the articulating function.
This lever locks the articulating joints to a position at any desired angle within its 360° range of motion.
When the lock is in place, the UP/DOWN, LEFT/RIGHT articulating joints are fixated, but the End-Tool jaw's OPEN/CLOSE action is possible.

Three Choices in Shaft Length

ArtiSential offers three choices in shaft length: 25cm, 38cm, 45cm.
The user can select and use different length instruments according to the surgical site, purpose or preferences.

Strap Size Adjustment

(Using Velcro; ArtiSential Adjustable Type)

Variety in End-Tool Lineup

This product comes in a variety of End-Tool types,
selectable according to different surgical purposes.

A Complete Lineup



*This is sterile single-use product – do not reuse.

  • Multi-joint-End-Tool

    Double-jointed End-Tool allows 360 degrees of freedom in movement

    Enables various angles in approaching the surgical site

    Moves in the same direction as the user's hand/fingers

  • Shaft

    Three Choices in Shaft Length (25cm, 48cm, 45cm)

  • Electrode

    Can select Bipolar / Monopolar energy type according to product

  • Adjustable Control Ring

    Can control End-Tool's OPEN/CLOSE action by opening and closing thumb and index finger

  • Lock Lever

    Locks and unlocks the End-Tool's articulating joints

    End-Tool jaw's OPEN/CLOSE action is possible while locked

    Optional feature according to user's needs

  • Handle

    Curved handle designed ergonomically for easy gripping for users with different hand sizes