Complete Lineup

LIVSMED features a full suite of end tools
for any surgical task.

Features & Benefits
  • 360 degrees of freedom provides access to
    narrow spaces

    ArtiSential’s double-joint structure of the end-effector allows
    the instrument to move with 360 degrees of freedom,
    which enables various angles of approach to the surgical site
    and also serves to mimic the functions of the human hand.

  • Intuitive Control

    ArtiSential’s end-effector movement matches with the user’s
    fingers and wrist movements to enable intuitive manipulation
    and control. Its highly flexible and articulating performance is
    not available with conventional instruments.

  • Locking Feature (Optional)

    ArtiSential has an optional locking feature.
    For the model with locking feature, the articulating function
    can be controlled using the locking lever. Locking Lever locks
    the articulating joints to a fixed end-effector position
    at any desired geometry along its range of motion.
    When the locking feature is activated, UP/DOWN, LEFT/RIGHT
    articulating joint is fixed and cannot move, but OPEN/CLOSE
    action of end-effector is possible.

  • 3 Shaft Lengths (25cm, 38cm, 45cm)

    ArtiSential offers three types of shaft lengths
    (25cm, 38cm, 45cm) that can be selected and used
    according to the surgical purpose.

  • A Complete Line

    ArtiSential has a variety of end-effector lines that can
    be selected and used according to the surgical purpose.