Training Kit

ArtiSential Training Kit is designed to guide
new customers on how to use ArtiSential effectively
with LIVSMED’s specialized training course.

ArtiSential Skill Development

Our Training Kit allows users to practice various motions,
from ArtiSential’s basic joint movements to traction, countertraction and suturing.
Begin training for utilization of ArtiSential in laparoscopic surgery.

* Image may differ from actual product

Module Introduction

Different Modules by Training Course

Our Training Kit includes 4 types of detachable modules.
Users can select which type to use by purpose or capability.
Please refer to our training program at

Types of Training Modules

Consists of :

4 peg modules, 5 silicone pegs


ArtiSential Fenestrated Forceps (AUF01)


  • Practice ArtiSential’s joint movements in different directions and 360 angulation
  • Silicone pegs can be simulated to grip actual tissue
  • Able to arrange module placement according to user’s approach and product length

Training Method

Transfer 5 pegs to different positions

  • Practice with your dominant hand first, then try with the other

Consists of :

4 stick modules, 4 rubber rings


ArtiSential Fenestrated Forceps (AUF01)
ArtiSential Maryland Dissector (AUD01)


  • Practice using ArtiSential in both hands
  • Train moving ArtiSential up and down motion while maintaining perpendicular angle of joint end effector

Training Method

Hang rubber rings on multiple sticks

  • Focus on placing the rubber ring on the floor and not dropping it on the stick

Consists of :

2 stick modules, 8 Orings, 1 string


ArtiSential Maryland Dissector (AUD01)


  • Practice using ArtiSential in both hands
  • Train threading motions for suturing in surgery
  • Advance your surgical precision by passing a string through certain rings in different directions

Training Method

Thread a string through multiple rings

  • To prevent tangling, select a ring nearby the ring you threaded beforehand
  • Adjust the string’s length so the end does not fall from your first rings

Consists of :

1 puzzle module, 1 rubber ring


ArtiSential Fenestrated Forceps (AUF01)
ArtiSential Maryland Dissector (AUD01)


  • Practice to reach downwards perpendicularly and reach to deep surgical fields
  • Practice traction and countertraction by gripping and moving puzzle blocks in different directions

Training Method

Grip and move puzzle blocks with one hand and taking out/putting in a rubber ring inside the sockets

  • Focus on approaching target perpendicularly
  • Use the ArtiSential Forceps to grip the block, and the Dissector to grab the rubber ring

Other Features

Detachable Design

Able to attach to hold a camera or
cell phone while training

Image in Use: When Holding Cell Phone

- Can place vertically or horizontally
- Wide shelf provides freedom in adjusting camera angle

Basic Training Position

Modules attached at the back for basic training

Choice in Distance

Can choose where to attach modules according to product/purpose/preference
(Ex. Position at front for short 25cm products)

Basic Training Position

Adjust port position by selecting 2 out of 12 holes

Variety in Approach

Choose any holes to approach your target
and practice for different situations

5 Angles of Choice (30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°)

Adjust angle of approach according to surgery/target

Variety Training in Approach

Rotate front board to choose any angle
to approach your target

Mock trocar : Attached to Front Board

Mock trocar & silicone stopper provided for
stable ArtiSential hands on training

Compatibility with ArtiSential 8mm Products

Size and design to prevent product from slipping

Suturing Practice

Suture Pad

- Place on bare floor to train for suturing
- Rubber material for sticking without additional devices

Molded for Suturing at 360°

Able to practice suturing from various directions


Designed and provided for ArtiSential hands on training