ArtiSential 5: 100% freedom in 5mm incision

ArtiSential 5 achieves the much-anticipated
360 degrees articulation with 5mm diameter.

ArtiSential 5,Your Key to Surgery

Minimally Invasive Freedom with Articulation

The new ArtiSential 5 fulfills the original ArtiSential’s multi-jointed full range of motion in a slimmer shaft.
ArtiSential 5 facilitates this much-anticipated 360 degrees motion with its 5mm diameter shaft.
Be the first to experience intuitive articulation through 5mm ports.

ArtiSential 5

Features & Advantages

Decrease in Shaft Diameter

Performs same level of full articulation as the original ArtiSential with its slimmer shaft.
The slimmer shaft allows entry through 5mm ports, required in minimal invasive surgery.

Stronger Grip Force

Enough to grip with ArtiSential 5 - Jaw's grip force has doubled while the shaft is slim and delicate.

Dedicated End-tool Line-up

Longer and slimmer than the original ArtiSential.
The modified End-Tool is adequate for performing
more precise, and safe procedures.
* Based on ArtiSential 5 Fenestrated Forceps

End-Tool Lineup

The ArtiSential 5’s End-Tool is currently available in six types.
Please select according to your perference or surgical purpose.

Complete Lineup


  • Multi-jointed End-Tool

    360 degrees full range of motion

    Able to approach surgical site from all angles

  • 2 Choices in Shaft Length

    Short - 30cm, Standard - 38cm

  • 5mm Shaft

    Slimmer than the original 8mm products,
    requiring smaller incisions

  • Adjustable Control Ring

    Able to adjust velcro strpas attached to the handle
    rings to fit the user’s fingers

  • Lock Lever (Optional)

    Able to lock articulating joints

  • Grip

    Curved handle designed ergonomically for easily
    gripping with different hand sizes